14 Street Y

Job Description & Scope of Work:


ASM was hired through an RFP design & engineered a fire alarm system under the  2014 fire alarm code. Upon DOB & FDNY Approval the client solicited 3 bids and ASM won and was awarded the project. The challenge was to install in parallel to the existing fire alarm system a full area smoke coverage system while the building was fully occupied with approximately 250 kids plus adults,  employees in an extremely busy environment.

The system was interconnected with elevators, a purge control system as well as HVAC units. The building has several types of rooms such as a gym (where devices are fully protected), a swimming pool area as well as an auditorium with a stage an high ceiling where ASM opted to install  Fire alarm beam detectors. Upon completion, we were rehired for the installation of a CCTV system.


  • Full area coverage fire alarm system
  • CCTV

Completion: 11 Months

Budget: $300,000 to $400,000


  • Fire alarm monitoring, service & repairs
  • CCTV