Intercom Systems in New York

Audio & Video Intercom Systems 

ASM Security designs install and repair intercom systems in New York City, New Jersey, and Long Island. With more than 15 years of experience, you can count on us to protect your property with the latest audio and video intercom technologies.

We serve a variety of industries, and our team works in all types of properties, including commercial and residential.

Types of Intercom Systems

Basic intercoms are essentially two-way radios that are mounted to an interior or exterior wall. Intercoms have a master station and one or more substations. Substations can be used to “call” the master station and vice-versa.

Our Offerings Include:


Audio Intercom:

Audio intercom systems allow the master and substations to communicate by voice only.

Video Intercom:

Video intercom systems allow communication by voice and video.

Telephone Intercom:

Phone entry intercom systems tap directly into resident phone lines. The substation “calls” the phone, and the visitor can be granted access.

Apartment or Office Intercom:

Apartment intercoms have a single substation with many buttons that connect to master stations in each apartment building.

Broadcast Intercom:

Broadcast intercoms allow communications to be broadcast from a single station out to multiple substations. Broadcast intercoms are ideal for one-to-many or room-to-room communication.