Fire Alarm Repair in New York City

We truly understand that all companies cannot have their fire alarm systems malfunction and cripple the proper working order of your building’s elevator and HVAC while the nuisance disturbs Your Customers or tenants.


Furthermore, response time and knowledge become key to the Fire Alarm System Repair. At ASM we repair all type of fire alarm systems such as wireless fire alarm systems as well as old coded and temporal 3 fire alarms.


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 Professional Repairs & Maintenance for all Types of Fire Alarm Systems

Available 24/7 and 365 days year-round, ASM will perform Fire Alarm Repair on systems as old as from the 1960’s.

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Fire alarm systems manufacturers we repair and service include:


Gamewell FCI

Edwards EST



Silent Knight



System Sensor


Repair & Replacement of Fire Alarm Systems Include:

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Manual Pull Stations

Smoke Detectors

Duct Detectors

Horn & Speaker Strobes

Heat Detectors

Control Relays

Monitor Modules

About ASM Integrators

For 20+ years, we have provided 2,096+ New York building owners and managers with fire alarm inspection solutions.

Excellent Service At An Affordable Price

We care about our clients and their safety, and make it our business to serve as an advisor in this complex and constantly changing industry.

Lightening fast follow up by phone and email

Prompt and forthright responses to your questions and challenges

Professional, courteous technicians that show up on time

Stay Safe, Protect Your Property & People Now

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