Fire Alarm Monitoring in New York

*FDNY Approved Central Station Fire Alarm Monitoring 

Our fire alarm installations are designed to fit all of your fire alarm system monitoring requirements, including multiple alarm signal transmission technologies, from traditional copper telephone service to IP/GSM (Internet Protocol/Global System for Mobile Communications).

We also have an Apple & Android app to turn your fire alarm system ON- and OFF-line, and the capability to request event reports via email and/or fax.

fire alarm monitoring new york

Fits All Requirements


Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Monitoring

Water Supply Control Valves

Fire Pump Status

Gravity Tank Water Level

Pressure Tank Water Level

Air Pressure

Building Temperature

Blazing Fast Response

24/7/365 Services

NYC & FDNY Approved

UL Listed

Fully redundant facility

Accept All Signals



Modem II

Modem III

3 x 1

4 x 2

*All FDNY approved central station monitoring services are rendered either by Statewide Central Station, Inc. or others to be chosen by ASM Security, Inc.