FDNY Central Station Fire Alarm Monitoring*

We offer the best central station fire alarm monitoring service in NYC. Our partner Central Station is approved by New York City’s FDNY and is UL listed. You can rest assured and trust our fire alarm monitoring company that is located in the heart of NYC and not thousands of miles away.



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Fire Alarm Monitoring – Peace of Mind to Business Owners

 Even during the hours when your business is not in operation, security professionals survey your property to ensure its safety.

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Our fire alarm installations are designed to fit all of your fire alarm system monitoring requirements, including multiple alarm signal transmission technologies from traditional copper telephone service to IP/GSM. We also have an Apple & Android app to turn your system ON- and OFF-line.


We Provide 24/7/365 Service

FDNY Approved*

UL Listed

Fully Redundant Facility

We Accept all Fire Alarm Signals, Such as::

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Modem II

Modem III

3 x 1

4 x 2

*All FDNY approved central station monitoring services are rendered either by Statewide Central Station, Inc. or others to be chosen by ASM Security, Inc.

About ASM Integrators

For 20+ years, we have provided 2,096+ New York building owners and managers with fire alarm solutions.

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We care about our clients and their safety, and make it our business to serve as an advisor in this complex and constantly changing industry.

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