False alarms can be a real nuisance, not to mention frightening. Dependable fire alarm maintenance plays an important role in keeping your fire alarm systems functioning properly and eliminating the majority of false alarms. When you consistently have alarms going off when there is no real danger, it disrupts your business activities, which costs you money due to unproductive downtime.


Benefits of fire alarm maintenance

False alarms and lack of fire alarm maintenance go hand in hand. Your system equipment should be checked, cleaned and tested on a regular basis, which will help ensure that the alarm sounds only when there is a true danger. How well your fire protection system performs is directly related to whether you have a good maintenance program in effect.

Depending on the type of system installed, inspection and maintenance are usually performed on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. When alarms fail to work properly and sound false, it can not only put an undue burden on the fire department and other authorities causing them to possibly be unavailable where a real danger exists, employees may become complacent because they are used to the alarms going off without reason – meaning they may not take precautionary measures.


Increased protection of your property and employees

Fire alarm maintenance is essential not only to keep your property safe but those who occupy the premises such as employees, patrons, and visitors. Dust, dirt and other particles often cause problems with smoke detectors; improper maintenance can lead to damage to your equipment. An alarm that is functioning properly and well maintained provides security and peace of mind.



Reduced repair costs

When your fire alarm is in good condition, it reduces costs related to emergency repairs and false alarms. Frequently, regular maintenance and upkeep can help you avoid purchasing new components or equipment. Properly maintained, a good system can last for decades with only minor adjustments or equipment additions should you decide to expand.

Should you have staff perform maintenance, or should you rely on the manufacturer’s service organization? The fact is, only a few maintenance personnel have the knowledge and experience that qualified technicians do. If your desire is to keep your property and your employees safe and prevent frequent false alarms, have experts with the skill and experience handle your fire alarm maintenance needs. Overall you will save money and avoid the unnecessary hassles and inconvenience of dealing with frequent false alarms.

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