Fire Alarm Installation

We custom-design all of our fire alarm installations. From iconic NYC high-rise buildings and residential buildings, to local daycare centers, no new fire alarm install project is too big or too small.


We have experience working with building owners on turnkey fire alarm installation solutions in NYC at low costs thanks to our vast network of general contractors and electricians with parts and smarts. Our other service includes Fire Alarm DesignFire Alarm MonitoringFire Alarm RepairsFire Alarm Inspections, and Auxiliary Radio Communication System.

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Fire Alarm System Installation – Done Right

Installing a fire alarm system is not an easy task and neither is finding the right company.

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We are proud to be one of the few fire alarm installers that perform in-house installations. Our Certified NICET Level 2 installers are among the top qualified in the industry. Their 25 years of combined experience help integrate old fire alarm system technology with modern digital systems.


Understating fire alarm requirements by NFPA72, as well as 70 and 101 are key to proper fire alarm installation services. An improper installation by a fly-by-night contractor can hold back your building occupancy and tenancy and also represent thousands of dollars in lost rent, loss of business opportunity, premium interest to bank loans, as well the loss of good tenants.


Commercial Fire Alarm System Installation

Installing a fire alarm on your property is not as simple as hanging a piece of equipment on the wall

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At ASM Integrators, we cannot stress enough the importance of proper fire alarm installation. Fire alarm installation is a process that involves surveying your site and developing blueprints that are suitable to the needs of your unique company or organization.


Fire alarm installation for an expansive industrial building or plant with many sections is a bit more complex than that of installation in a small office. Building structure and size determine how your system should be installed to best protect your property, assets, employees and patrons. 

Whether your business is located in a mall, high rise building, hotel, warehouse or is a retail establishment, it is essential that those who perform your fire alarm installation are skilled and knowledgeable. From system wiring and professional installation of the various devices and equipment necessary to safeguard your business, all aspects of the installation process are essential to the system functioning properly.


A trained and certified fire alarm installer should perform the job, so that you enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business is protected in the event of a fire.


When you invest in a fire alarm, consider the most important factor that will determine whether it works properly – installation.

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Video Testimonials

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Public Storage, New York

Jorge Jaquez – Facility Manager

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Educational Alliance, New York

Joe Tarver – Vice President of Operations

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Hotel Wall Street, New York

Simon Williams – Maintenance Manager

Fire Alarm Systems We Can Install

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About ASM Integrators

For 20+ years, we have provided 2,096+ New York building owners and managers with fire alarm installation services.

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