Faraday Fire Alarm-A Well-Known Name in Fire Protection For BusinessFor over 130 years, a Faraday fire alarm has offered the ultimate in fire protection for thousands of businesses both large and small.  Over the years, fire safety needs have changed dramatically due to the growth of a business, high-rise buildings, multi-building campuses, massive industrial settings, etc.  No longer are businesses small little “mom and pop” establishments like they once were.  Are your property, business assets and employees properly protected in case of fire?


Why addressable systems are essential in a business environment

A Faraday fire alarm is an addressable system, but what does that mean to you?  Unlike conventional systems, this type of fire protection is flexible and reliable, technologically advanced when compared to other systems.

Addressable technology helps saves lives in that a fire can be detected and pinpointed almost immediately, which makes for an accelerated response.  Because these systems are mapped, each detection device has a separate ID, and the locations of these ID’s are nearly always communicated digitally to either the fire department or central station.


In addition, more and more businesses today demand fire protection that is survivable in the event of a fire; businesses also want to save as much money as possible without compromising the safety of their property, assets and human lives.  Faraday fire alarms offer self-diagnostic technology, which simply means that service technicians may be alerted when a module or detector is dirty or malfunctioning.  This not only helps service personnel correct potential problems early, but it also helps businesses save money that would have been spent on repair.


That being said, the NFPA has specific guidelines that ensure that all aspects of fire systems are properly maintained, so self-diagnostics should never replace scheduled maintenance.  Another aspect of addressable fire alarm systems that is of great value is that individual problems can be easily determined because unlike conventional systems in which a single loop is comprised of multiple devices, an addressable system makes it easy to identify specific, individual problems.

With a Faraday fire alarm, businesses can count on faster installation and troubleshooting, concise reporting of fires or threats of fire and enhanced safety for your property.  Today, enhanced technology is increasing safety in the business arena, meaning quicker response time, components and devices that can be integrated with many existing systems, lower cost, and reduced maintenance and repair.  Isn’t your business worth the best fire protection system in the industry?

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