Electronic Locks For Access Control

What Are Electronic Locks?

Electronic locks – which are sometimes called “digital locks” or “magnetic locks” – are controlled by electrical circuits. They enable doors to be unlocked or locked by triggering the circuit via a keypad or card reader, (although many still accept standard keys).

Electronic locks are a vital part of any access control system. Today, a variety of access control systems are utilized with electronic locks, including keypads, card readers, fingerprint readers, and RFID tags and sensors.

ASM Security offers design, installation and repair service for all types of access control and electronic locking systems. From simple e-locks for the home to whole-building, connected locking systems, we can help protect your property.

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Types of Electronic Locks

Electronic locks come in a variety of layouts and configurations. ASM Integrators offers expertise in all types of electronic lock systems.

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Our Offerings Include:


Keypad Locks:

The lock is controlled by an adjacent keypad. Visitors type in a PIN code to unlock the door. This type is commonly used in office buildings, educational facilities, and government buildings.

Card Reader Locks:

Also called RFID locks, this type of system uses electronic keycards to unlock doors. They’re commonly used in hotels and the hospitality industry, as well as educational facilities.

Biometric Locks:

In this type of system, the electronic lock is controlled by a biometric keypad – like a fingerprint, voice or retinal scan – that allows access. This is a common type of lock in a range of commercial applications.

E-Locks for Homes:

Homes can be installed with smart locking systems that offer remote access. Homeowners can monitor the locks in real-time and unlock doors via a web-connected device.

Connected Access Control with Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are a vital component in connected access control systems. With connected systems, security and property managers can view lock status in real-time, remotely unlock or lock doors, and perform partial- or whole-building lockdowns from a central location.

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Benefits of Smart Access Control Systems

Remote Monitoring:

Smart electronic locks connect to a control panel via a wired or wireless connection. This allows the entire system to be monitored from a central station or an online dashboard.

Remote Activation:

Smart locks can be controlled via the web or a central station on-site. This enables convenient access control for an entire property.


A whole-building lock system can be programmed, i.e. doors locked after service hours. Lockdowns can also be performed from a central location.