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CCTV Design, Installation & Monitoring

Do you need an advanced video surveillance system to protect your property? ASM Integrations offers a range of CCTV solutions. For more than 15 years, we’ve designed and installed high-quality security camera systems throughout New York. Our video security solutions are innovative, smart and designed to deter theft and fraud, provide high-quality surveillance data, and allow wireless management. We proudly serve New York City, New Jersey and Long Island.

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A CCTV System Designed for You

Business owners have numerous options when it comes to video surveillance: Digital or analog, IP vs. HDSDI or TVI. But which system makes the most sense for your business?

At ASM, our goal is to help you understand your options and choose a solution that matches your needs. Our design process includes four key considerations, including:

  • Site Evaluation: A visit to your property is essential for designing a quality, high-performance security system. During our site evaluations, an ASM security expert will tour your facility (i.e. IT rooms, IDF closets, offices, and electrical room) to gain a clear understanding of your needs.
  • Business Culture: Not every business wants cameras displayed in their workspaces. We offer a range of custom video monitoring solutions that will fit your workplace culture.
  • Current Network Architecture: Your current system’s cabling infrastructure is important when designing CCTV. During our on-site consultation, we learn about your existing network architecture and design solutions that will integrate into your existing network.
  • Budget: Our security experts understand how to build video security systems that are robust, reliable and that are competitively priced. We can design CCTV systems to fit any budget.

NYC Security Camera Installation & Monitoring

ASM offers comprehensive CCTV installation and monitoring solutions. After we design your system, our network of contractors and electricians installs and tests every system component.

We work with leading CCTV manufacturers, and offer a comprehensive range of products. Your CCTV system will include:

  • CCTV Cameras – We install a full range of high-quality security cameras. Wireless and analog camera systems available.
  • Security DVR – The heart of a CCTV system, the DVR records and stores footage. ASM offers a range of cloud- and harddisk DVR systems.
  • Cabling – Our teams utilize the best cabling to connect the systems cameras to the DVR. Learn more about our cabling services.
  • CCTV Monitoring. Once your camera system is in place: ASM offers 24/7 monitoring through our network of monitoring partners. Have eyes on your property 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Fully Integrated CCTV

Interoperability of your CCTV and other security and alarm systems can save you time and money. That’s why all of our ASM video security systems can be fully integrated with:

An integrated CCTV system enables businesses to control all their security systems from a central location. Plus, with remote accessibility, you can control your system from anywhere in the world.

Wireless and IP-enabled Security Systems

Today’s security video solutions are more advanced than ever. The security devices – from the cameras, to the recording drives – can all be connected via a network connection, providing you real-time access to your security cameras and video footage.

ASM offers a full range of wireless and IP video surveillance options. These systems provide a range of benefits for businesses including:

  • Remote Access: Access your system’s video cameras and footage from a desktop or mobile screen.
  • Notifications: Receive email notifications in real-time for events.
  • Archiving: Archive footage locally or remotely for safekeeping and long-term storage.
  • Hi-Def Imaging: Capture high-quality images from all of your cameras; HD720 and 1080 cameras available.

Is your business interested in a wireless security system? ASM can help. Let our team of experts walk you through your options.

Analog and IP Surveillance: Standard Specs

All ASM CCTV systems deliver a range of advanced features and capabilities. Our standard systems include:

  • Embedded Linux operating system
  • Pentaplex function, i.e. simultaneous live/record/playback/network/file copy
  • Recording comprehension method: H.264
  • File copy method: USB flashdrive
  • 500GB configuration and up
  • Watermarking
  • Time synchronization between multiple DVRs & NVRs
  • Software for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS
  • Free mobile app & DDNS service

ASM Video Surveillance: Advanced Features

Take your CCTV system to the next level with our range of advanced functionalities. Options include:

  • Video management software (VMS)
  • Multi-location management and viewing
  • HD 720 or 1080 cameras
  • Email notifications
  • Local and remote archiving
  • ?Video analytics
  • License recognition
  • Access Control integration
  • For 15+ years, NYC, New Jersey and Long Island property owners have trusted ASM for CCTV and video surveillance systems. Contact us now to learn more, or to schedule a free consultation.