Business Phone Systems

Business Audio & Video Systems

We service and install a full range of phone systems, offering you a choice of flexible, scalable, affordable business communication solutions tailored to meet your specific needs, from simple a 3 line system to an enterprise multi-location advanced VOIP phone system.

At ASM we know that trying to find the perfect telephone system can be a difficult task for many people as there are many different functions and features to look for.

ASM is taking the hassle out of finding a new phone system by providing you with a quote customized to your company”s exact need.

Basic Phone System Features

Room-to-Room Intercoms

Flexible Line Buttons

Flexible ring Assignment

Room Monitor

Night, Day and Lunch Mode Settings

Central Office Voice Mail Compatible

Panasonic Voice Mail System Integration

Caller ID, Call Waiting/Logging

Single-Line Device Integration

Backlit Display and Dial Keypad

System Speed Dial

Optional Door Phone and Door/Gate Opener

Toll Restriction

Paging and Page Pickup

Direct Inward System Access with Outgoing Message and Max Detection

Off-Premises Call Forwarding

Digital Phone System Features


Ability to record a message from a caller when you are away from your desk. Includes ability to deliver the voicemail message via email as well as the standard flashing light on your phone.

Music On Hold:

No external device is required. Ships with a reasonable selection of tracks.

Paging and Intercom:

Communicate Instantly

Web Access to Voicemail:

Access your voicemail from any computer or mobile device

Call Parking:

Allows a call to be parked” on a virtual extension and then picked up by a third party by dialing into that extension.

Ring Groups

On-Site Consultation:

Remote Office Support: Ability to connect phones located in a remote office to the office PBX as local extensions.

IVR Menu System:

An Advanced system for call handling allows callers to navigate a menu system by dialing a number offered from a range of options.

Time-Based Routing


Call Queues:

Allows multiple calls to be placed in a queue and answered by the next available operator.

Conference Rooms:

Create a conference call between multiple parties at multiple locations using different phone types; e.g. conference call a local extension, remote fixed-line, mobile and VoIP connection all in one conference.