Turnstile System Design, Installation & Repair | New York City

Turnstile System Design, Installation and Repair in NYC

Turnstiles offer superior point-of-access security and are common in highly-trafficked commercial spaces. For 15 years, ASM Security has designed and installed turnstile access control systems for NYC-area properties. Let our in-house design team personalize and integrate a turnstile system for your business. We serve: NYC, Long Island, New Jersey and Westchester County.

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Turnstile System: An Overview

Turnstiles are a commonly used security device in New York. The city’s subways, for example, utilize a complex electronic turnstile system, and they’re also widely used by entertainment venues, transportation business, courthouses and governmental buildings.

These systems are electronically control, and they can be locked or unlocked using a variety of sensors or mechanical devices.

Turnstile System Installations by ASM

ASM Security offers design and installation expertise for a variety of turnstile systems. The most common types include:

  • Rotating systems: This type of system features a mechanical art at waist-height. Ticket and RFID tag readers can then be used to grant access and release the bar.
  • Full Height Turnstiles: These systems resemble large metal revolving doors, and provide enhanced physical security. Access is granted by a card reader, RFID tag, or manually.

SM offers a full range of entry management solutions, including access control, electronic locks and intercoms .

Integrated Turnstile Access Control

Turnstile systems can be utilized for stand-alone security. But for added security, your turnstiles can be linked and integrated with existing security systems. A few benefits of an integrated turnstile system include:

  • Data Management: See attendance counts, your busiest locations, and more with quick and real-time reporting.
  • Remote Access:Control the system remotely, limit access, permanently lock out-of-operation gates, etc. Unified Security: Manage multiple security devices and platforms from a single dashboard or control panel.

ASM Security offers a full range of turnstile solutions for NYC, New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island businesses.

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