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Our Expertise

fire alarm system

Fire Alarm Systems

At ASM we custom-design all of
our fire alarm installations.

commercial burglar alarm

Burglar Alarms

Burglar alarms are necessity
for protecting property.

commercial cctv installation

Commercial CCTV

Get an advanced video surveillance
system to protect your property.

access control system

Access Control Systems

Manage who has access to certain
areas of your property.

intercom systems installation

Intercom Systems

An effective and affordable way to protect your staff and visitors from gun violence.

fdny approved arcs systems

ARC Systems

Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems are two-way emergency FDNY radio systems.

Video Testimonials

Public Storage, New York

Jorge Jaquez – Facility Manager

Educational Alliance, New York

Joe Tarver – Vice President of Operations

hotel wall street new york

Hotel Wall Street, New York

Simon Williams – Maintenance Manager

Latest From Our Blog

What Is FDNY Approved Central Station Monitoring?

What Is FDNY Approved Central Station Monitoring?

A Central Monitoring Station (CMS) is a relay station. It relays (re-transmits) fire alarms from automatic fire alarm systems in buildings on to the fire department. The CMS (Central Monitoring Station) also relays other types of signals from the automatic fire alarms...

Reasons for Smoke Detector False Alarm

Reasons for Smoke Detector False Alarm

False Fire Alarms are Dangerous. If there never was a false alarm, people would react to a fire alarm and get out of the building – false alarms change that. When there are some false alarms, people quit reacting quickly. With enough false fire alarms, people don’t...

Hard-Wired vs Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm System

Hard-Wired vs Wireless Fire Detection and Alarm System

When deciding between a hard-wired Fire Detection and Alarm System (FDAS) and a wireless FDAS, some things have to be considered.   Generally, new buildings, where the wires can be hidden inside finished walls and ceilings, are a prime candidate for a completely...

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For 20+ years, we have provided 2,096+ New York building owners and managers with fire alarm solutions, business security, communication and auxiliary radio communication systems.

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